Owning your own business will be the most invigorating, energizing and exciting part of your life. It can also come with a degree of anxiety, self- doubt, and many, many questions, taking time, energy and potentially adding unnecessary stress.

My role is to minimize all of this and to give you the tools and set you up for long-term success.

Founding, operating and growing a community-based business, in a city that I was new to, was a daunting task. With lots of blood sweat and tears, I enjoyed great success, creating a loyal community that still thrives today.

When I sold my business, I knew that my passion would be in working with other companies, who would gain from my experience.

By focusing on the “need to haves”, from a culture, operational and quality standpoint, and creating and sticking to our core values, we enjoyed an extreme amount of success in a very competitive market. We also fended off and continued to thrive with increased competition.

Creating a business of loyal fans takes a great deal of work, knowledge and a focus on what is truly important to the customer. I will help you navigate through this, and guide you in the right direction, from pre-startup to years down the road.

With my help, you will save yourself years of learning, and “hoping” you come to the right decisions. The guesswork will be removed.

Lets talk and discuss the future of your business and work together to give it the best opportunity to thrive!

Aaron De Jong
Owner Movement108

"Mike and I worked alongside one another in Vancouver for 2 years as I grew my business, Movement108. Mike provided an opportunity to open my initial space and I had the opportunity to learn from him in those developing years. There is no denying Mike's passion when it comes to small business development and equipping those around him with all the tools he has at his disposal. Whether that be knowledge, experience, advice or time, Mike always is striving to raise those around him up."

Michael Graydon
CEO – Foods and Consumer Products, Canada

“I have had the pleasure of watching Michael build his business from the humble beginnings of two bikes in his living room to the studio business Cadence. His plan for the business was incredibly complete from the tone of the building to the amenities he provided his customers. But what Michael achieved which many companies just dream of was build a community of loyal customers. That essence of community was the foundation of his success, customer loyalty and the business grew from that very foundation. I applaud Michael’s dedication to sticking to the plan, his focus on the customer and his attention to detail. From my perspective all of that is very transferable from one business to the next and Michael would be an amazing person for any business to engage to help them define there plan and execute it to deliver a very solid business strategy that will provide a point of differentiation and an attention to the customer that is needed to be successful.”

Therese Hayes
O2E Brands, Communications and CSR Executive

“Mike is the genuine article when it comes to building a business with shared values and community. His open and honest approach created not only strong business relationships but in many cases evolved into lifelong friendships. Its is rare to find someone who you equally admire for their business acumen and humanity. Mike is one of those rare people”.

Lauren Kratzer

"Mike is a tour de force of positive energy, incredible enthusiasm, and professionalism and with an unparalleled attitude. I first met Mike in the early days at Cadence and from the beginning, it was clear that he would be more than a business owner, but a community developer that reached far beyond the walls at the studio. His relationships with those that walked through the door were truly unique - whether you were a new spinner or a regular, Mike had a natural, innate ability to connect, support and encourage (even at the early hour of 6 am!). As a result, he very quickly created a space that was as special as the man who started it all, a place where all would feel welcome but still challenged physically. Mike is one in a million and his impact made on the Vancouver community was and continues to be a significant one, his incredible presence still felt"

Brittany Kidd
Area Director
lululemon athletica

I met Mike when he was learning to teach spin - in his living room! I was part of the original 'crew' that would spin regularly in his loft on one of four bikes. From the beginning, Mike welcomed myself and others into his home while providing a killer workout. He continued that welcoming feeling into the opening of Cadence - something I value the most is feeling at home where I work out. Mike is a smart business man, focuses on building community through authentic relationships and is so dedicated to pushing you as an athlete.