For the past 20 years, I have enjoyed working with runners of all levels to reach their goals. Whether you are just learning to run, or have aspirations to qualify for Boston, I will help you get there, and we will have lots of fun in the process.

I will take the guesswork out of your training and through variety, positive and non-intimidating motivation, along with using my own running experience, you will stay engaged and accountable through the journey to race day.

You will be given a personalized program that we will adjust weekly, taking into account your past weeks efforts, challenges and wins, giving you every opportunity to achieve whatever goal that we will set together. I’ll teach you how to run easier with less effort.

I fully understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Running is a hobby and there are times where we have to adapt to different circumstances, travel and work commitments. I’ve been there and will help you work though whatever comes up.

My gift is in my positive motivation and experience. Get to know me and my philosophy with a quick phone conversation. At there very least, you will have made a new friend!

Tom Jenkinson
Stockholm, Sweden

"Some people cross your path and change your whole direction. Mike Porter is one of those people. Hitting 40 and simultaneously leaving an alpine skiing coach role left me with time to pursue other sporting pursuits. I started training for a marathon, loosely directed by a friend who’d been trying(and failing), to go sub 4 hours in his previous attempts.

My past performances- 50 plus minute 10k races and halfs around the two hour mark would suggest that such a goal would be appropriately challenging. Mike had other ideas.

Mike was in Stockholm visiting his brother and I agreed to take him on a trail run. After that run with Mike, my new goal was a Boston Marathon qualifying time. Madness you might think? I did, but Mike saw potential and I was willing to follow his plan.

Three months later, I lined up at the Frankfurt Marathon and successfully crossed the finish line in 3:15, in all I can say was a transcendental experience. Since that time, I embarked on a journey that would lead to Ironman Triathlon and my own swin and triathlon coaching business. Mike I owe you big time and wish you and your athletes the best of success."

Michelle Harrison

"I have been running most of my life. Before meeting Mike, I had run four full marathons and too many halfs to count. My goal was to break 1:40 in the half, which seemed reasonable given all my recent times of under 1:45. However, this goal kept eluding me. After my last half with a time over 1:40, I made the choice to have Mike coach me. He sent me weekly workouts. I would download and screen shot my results from my training watch, and send them to him as soon as my run was done. This was extremely effective as during every training run I felt like he was right there, pushing me and saying “Yes, you can!” Every training run felt like a huge accomplishment. Race day weather conditions were far from ideal – cold and raining heavily – but I felt so confident going in because of the training I had been through with Mike. I finally broke 1:40 – 1:38:47! I could not have done this without his positive and encouraging coaching. He really is the best and cares about every person he works with.”

Dan Hincks

"When I signed up for my first marathon, the goal was to make it to the start line injury free. Mike helped me redefine what was possible. I found the traditional training plans to be daunting and incompatible with my schedule. Mike provided a training program that encouraged variety, both on the road and through cross-training. He provided the positive energy and accountability I needed to hit the targets I was after, allowing me to reach the start line with a healthy amount of self-confidence. After 6 months of training with Mike, I learned how to find my edge and hold it on race day. Anyone with running goals should consider training with Mike - it is an absolute no-brainer!"

Jeannine Tully

"I started working with Mike because I needed the expertise and accountability a coach would bring to help me level up my running. What I got working with Mike was far more than I could ever have anticipated. He created an environment of positivity, motivation, encouragement for me to learn more about myself, my habits (good and bad) and a safe space to try new things and get uncomfortable in an effort to achieve my goals. In every conversation we had Mike’s insight and feedback resulted in me feeling more confident in my own ability. Mike’s training plan helped me push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed during a training cycle – which is exactly what I wanted! In the last four months, I’ve made huge improvements in not only my running performance but, perhaps more importantly, my mental game. I’m thrilled with the results I achieved working with Mike, and I am looking forward to crushing more goals with his help in the future!”