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Stop searching and start riding with consistently great, on-demand classes that lift up your fitness — and state of mind.

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Your spin class should be safe, athletic and fun.

You want a workout you can look forward to — one that makes you feel better — both short and long term.
The problem? You're investing in classes that don't work for you. Instead of motivating and challenging you, they distract with unnecessary or dancy "moves" on the bike instead of giving you a proper athletic and safe cardio workout.

Our on-demand spin classes focus on you and what you want to achieve physically, mentally and emotionally. We’re also proud to say these safe and effective workouts, accessible for all levels, will challenge your fitness while keeping you engaged and motivated for the entire class. Every time.

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Challenge and move your body.

Consistently Great Classes

Your experience is number one — with every workout — and why we focus on the mental benefits as much as the physical ones.

Get Going

Train with an instructor who positively motivates you to become fit in body and mind.

Get Fit

The challenges you learn to overcome on the bike, will positively impact your daily life.

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All workout. No Frills.

You want training that propels you forward in everyday life — not only with your body but also your mind.

Unfortunately, many instructors focus on unnecessary and unsafe “moves” on the bike.

Our classes are refreshing because they're straight-up cardio and you will work out with an instructor
focused on inspiring you and supporting you to live happier and healthier
on and off the bike-mentally, physically, emotionally.

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The Top 20 Tips for a Safe and Effective Spin Class

You love your new online spin class because you're no longer committed to a gym or studio schedule.
You can now use any bike, with any device, at the time of day that works for YOU —
all while improving your health, not to mention your mindset.

However, many indoor cyclists are unaware they're sabotaging their efforts with incorrect form or unsafe
and ineffective moves on the bike that don't serve any purpose.

Get the Top 20 Tips for a safe and effective spin class
so you can avoid injury and get the most out of every workout.