To me, helping people live happier lives both personally and professionally acts like a positive endorphin. Contribution is what gets me excited.

In my classes, I intentionally focus on how my words can combine with intensity and positive motivation to create the best possible experience, mentally and physically for the rider. People ultimately will finish each class with the confidence that, regardless of how challenging things are, they can choose the thoughts that will serve them positively on and off the bike.

Positive, upbeat music, combined with authentic and timely motivation are the keys to leaving you energized and ready to take on the world. I will motivate you to learn what you are capable of, through your effort on the bike, and will brighten your day.

Put simply, if you get off the bike in a better frame of mind, I have accomplished my goal.

Stick with me for the long term, get to know me and your personal and professional life will be enriched.

Janice Miller

My daughter introduced me to Mike at his Vancouver studio about five years ago. She had been spinning regularly and encouraged me to join her for a weekly mother-daughter event that quickly became a Saturday highlight. Those forty-five minutes were a gift of great music and inclusive community that helped me replace stress with energy. Even at a significant low point… breast cancer recovery…. I may have cursed, cried, or both, while pedalling, but Mike’s “Yes you can!” coaching kept me going.

Since moving to Toronto, my travel and work schedule made it difficult to get into a spin class routine, so I was THRILLED to hear Mike was considering streaming classes from St. John’s. I bought a bike and eagerly awaited the first online experience. Let me say that Positive Edge has exceeded my expectations! The accessibility, variety of classes, kick-ass music and Mike’s overall commitment as an instructor is beyond impressive. Whether your interaction with Mike is live or virtual, he will challenge and support you. How does he do it? Well, I can’t put my finger on just one thing. It’s a combination of traits that are natural to Mike and shared freely: curiosity, compassion and kindness. His values are front and center. Add to the list his authenticity, obvious love of learning and listening skills, and you begin to understand his unstoppable positive influence.

Jaci Edgeworth
Regional Director , ARITZIA
Former Instructor- Cadence

I had the opportunity to work with Mike from Day 1 of the Cadence spin studio. The focus of the studio was always on relationships and community first, offering much more than just a great workout! Mike led the studio and his classes with positive energy and incredible enthusiasm! I also had the opportunity to work with Mike as a running coach for a marathon training program. His deep knowledge of what it takes as an athlete, combined with his ability to support and encourage helped my achieve a PR. Mike is deeply committed to challenging each athlete in a smart, safe, and supportive way that allows each individual to achieve above and beyond what they could achieve on their own!

Kevin Casey
Senior VP, Sales and Marketing Cal LeGrow Insurance and Financial Group
Co-Founder, The IDEA Factory

“I never really thought “Spinning” would be a workout I would enjoy. Reluctantly, I went to a Spin class 5 months ago and Mike was the lead instructor. Since then, I have never looked back.

I’ve been to other Spin classes in Canada-there is something uncommon and unique with Mike leading the charge. It’s not just the technical direction, it’s what he does to motivate the whole class to keep pushing through those moments when your brain is telling you to give up and through words and tone, he somehow convinces you- and your Spinning neighbours-to find that extra edge”

Steph Lerner

“It has been a few years since I was a regular at Mike’s former studio, Cadence, in Vancouver. When I finally got to try out his online classes, I realized that he really has created something special. When class started, my eyes welled up with tears, as it brought back so many great memories of the positive energy and positivity that Mike’s classes brought to my life. This is what I love about Mike and he has found a way to bring this experience online. I was smiling the entire time, as it was so nice to be back in a “Mike” class.

Being a new mom, and having the convenience of doing a class on my schedule is so convenient. And the full confidence that I’ll get a great class just makes it that much better.

I am genuinely thankful and thrilled that he has worked so hard to bring his magic to us, all the way from Newfoundland. Mike is something else and I am grateful to know him.

Michele Sinclair
Founder and President
Brandnew Careers

“When the name Mike Porter comes to mind, my face lights up with a big smile. I had the pleasure of being a member of the incredible community that Mike built around his very successful venture-Cadence. Mike is a born leader, entrepreneur, enthusiast, motivator; all qualities of a true gentleman and outstanding member of the community at large. A large hole was left in Vancouver when Mike left for the east coast, and not a day goes by that his presence and good-natured spirit is not missed. A true gem of a person that if you ever have the privilege of meeting is a blessing in your life”

Cam Kochorek

"I first met Mike while he was in Vancouver as the owner of Cadence. Soon after my first class there, I became hooked on Spinning and Mike’s classes became a part of my morning routine, as were my morning chats with him before and after class.

Mike’s passion for his guests and his classes always went to a deeper level. He just knew how to motivate you to get more out of yourself, regardless of what you are feeling, and he did it in a positive way.

After hearing about his online classes, I had to try one out and see if his live experience could be duplicated online. His first class was a very pleasant surprise to me in that he was able to take what he did live, to a virtual experience and keep all of the key aspects of his class- motivation, energy, great music and intensity.

Every class has been equally awesome in its own way, with varieties of duration, music, and intensity. The music, as always, is on point. The constant input, positive dialogue and motivation, which is what Mike is known for in his live classes, is alive and well in the videos.

What excites me most about Mike’s classes is that he knows precisely when to step up the encouragement and positive energy. When there is no one around, it is easy to dial back or cheat, but he does not let that happen. Its like he’s right there with me.

Mike has hit this out of the park. Highly recommended!"

Lisa Carver

"Mike is an incredible community builder, who is passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic. He won't let you have a bad day or forget your capabilities in yourself and in the energy you create with others.

I met Mike through his business Cadence Cycling Studio, which was much more than a spin studio - it was community that grew quickly to care about each other and be welcoming to others. Mike supported us both as individuals, taking an interest in our goals and causes, and as a community dedicated to better health and fitness. We miss him in Vancouver, and Newfoundland is lucky to have him!"