Jun 23, 2023

Spin To Run Stronger and Faster

An athletic spin class that focusses on form will take your running to the next level!

Spinning as cross training

Whether you are an experienced runner looking to improve your performance or just starting out, adding cross training to your routine is crucial to getting stronger in your runs and staying injury free.  One great form of cross training that can benefit runners is a spin class. But it’s important that the spin class be done correctly in order to get the full benefits. 


Let’s discuss why proper form is essential and how to ensure that your spin class is helping—not hindering—your running.


The Benefits of Spin Class for Runners


Spin classes offer several advantages for runners. Not only do they provide an intense cardio workout, but they also help build leg strength and improve your overall fitness level. In addition, spinning classes can help with injury prevention since you’re not putting as much stress on your joints as you would when running outdoors or even on the treadmill without mixing up your cardio.


Why Proper Form Matters


It’s important to make sure your spin class focuses on proper form if you want to maximize its benefits for any rider.  Upper body “moves” like side-to-side movements, push-ups, dips, taking your hands off the bars etc., take away from the cardio effect of the class and increase your risk of injury. I cringe every time I see riders putting themselves at risk while adding zero benefit to their fitness with “filler” type movements that provide no value. Instead, focus on hills, tempos,  sprints and proper rest intervals while focussing on technique in order to get the most out of the class. This will help build the strength and conditioning necessary for running success without overdoing it or causing unnecessary strain on your body.


Making Spin Class Work For You


If you are just starting out with spin classes either online or in person,  or are unsure about proper form during a class, find a class with an experienced instructor who you are confident has a focus on riding correctly, staying injury free and getting the most fitness bang in every class. This will ensure that their instruction is tailored towards athletes like yourself who are looking to use spinning as a form of cross training for running success. Make sure to follow their instructions closely so that you get all of the benefits of spinning without any unnecessary risks or setbacks! 


If done correctly, spinning can be an effective form of cross-training for any runner looking to increase their speed and stamina while reducing their risk of injury at the same time. 


By following these tips you will quickly see a fantastic crossover to your running and your fitness!

See you on the bike,