Jun 23, 2023

Why Wear Spin Shoes!

The benefits of wearing spin shoes during class are endless....

Why Wear Spin Shoes

Cycling shoes and pedals are a key component to get the most out of spin class. I remember fondly, years ago when  I first opened my studio in Vancouver, I noticed that riders were a bit hesitant to clip in and try it out for the first time but once they did, they could feel the difference immediately and always used them after the first try.


Clipping into your pedals provides so many benefits that will make you never look back to wearing your trusty runners on the bike!


Let’s explore why clipping in is the way to go when you’re taking a spin class.


Improved Power Output - Clipping in allows you to transfer more power from your legs to the bike, which means you can maximize performance and get better results. This is because clipping in allows you to use both feet as opposed to just one when pushing down on the pedal. You can also pull up on the pedal with both feet when clipping in which also helps further improve power output.


Stability & Balance - Clipping into your pedals creates stability and balance for riders by providing them with a secure platform for their feet that does not move around or slip off like regular shoes do. This stability helps to increase rider confidence and comfort level while spinning as well as improving technique and posture on the bike.


Injury Prevention - Another great benefit of clipping into your pedals is injury prevention. Regular sneakers tend to slip around on the pedal surface causing instability, resulting in injuries such as ankle sprains or achilles tendonitis due to overuse or improper positioning while riding. Clipping into your pedals eliminates this issue by providing riders with a stable platform where their feet cannot slip off or move around while pedalling rapidly during class.


Cycling shoes are an integral part of any spin class experience, but many people don’t realize all of the amazing benefits that come along with clipping in when taking a ride. From improved power output and balance, to stability and injury prevention - it’s easy to see why you should consider cycling shoes whenever you take a spin class!


So if you’re looking for an extra edge during your workout, give cycling shoes a try - it might just change your life!


And as always, if you need some assistance on purchasing the right shoes and clips, reach out to me any time!


See you on the bike,