A Spin studio must have great instructors to enjoy long-term success.

Instructors are without a doubt the most important aspect of any studio. Quality instructors that truly want to be around people are not only necessary, but also vital for a studio to survive and flourish. Without great instructors, a studio has nothing.

For the last 7 years, in Vancouver and now in St John’s, I have continually packed my classes by focusing on a positive and memorable experience for the guest from the time they walk into the door, until they leave. Every single interaction counts, but this is often missed.

There is a science behind the music, the motivation, and the instruction. If your studio understands this and invests in this, the chance of thriving long term regardless of competitive threats or other influences, is dramatically increased.

The majority of instructors and studios don’t look past the workout and the “instruction” part of the workout or the drills that make up the class.

In reality, a great class goes much deeper than this and if the right people are hired and trained to get on the bike, it will make or break the success of any studio.

Being a former owner of a very successful studio, I am crystal clear on the “must haves”, for instructors and everything that goes into filling classes consistently and for the long term.

Every instructor needs development in different areas. I can quickly identify and work with those instructors to make them great, or train them from scratch.

Whether you are an individual instructor or a studio needing a workshop, training, or upgrading, I will get you where you need to be and we will have lots of fun in the process.

Michael Smith
Instructor @ Cadence Vancouver 2013-2014
Current Instructor Equinox Toronto and Quad Spin Toronto

“The first time I met Mike Porter was when I moved back to Vancouver in 2013. Having been a Cycling Instructor for 6+years, I was looking for a place to teach. Walking into Mike's Vancouver Studio I could not only feel the positive energy that surrounded him, but also the community he was building.

Mike is Passionate about all things he takes on. He loves what he does and the positivity & energy that emanates from him is simply contagious. Yet what makes his positive energy so contagious is his ability to connect with you. When Mike speaks with you he really listen to you and he really hears you; this is why you instantly feel connected with him as a person, athlete, staff or friend. It doesn't take long for that contagious bug to create an awesome community that you want to be a part of. Before you know it you are driving forward together as a Team to achieve common goals and be better people. Lastly, Mike is one of the most detailed people I know; there are few people who believe that the small things matter, but for Mike, his attention to details and focus have made me a better Instructor and a better Person.

Passionate, Positive, Detailed and a true Friend is Mike Porter”

Erin Kille
Instructor- Cadence

“I met Mike for the first time when he came to take my class to see if I’d be a suitable instructor at his new spin studio.

My car had been broken into the night before and my spin shoes stolen. Mike knew I was already nervous and offered me his shoes to wear for the class, which I gladly did! From that moment I knew Mike was a special person.

Mike and I formed a special relationship as I have been teaching there since the day he opened. We spent countless Saturday mornings together as we taught the first two classes for 5 years, until Mike left for Newfoundland.

I would arrive at 7:30 AM and he’d always be there already helping the front desk check people in, chatting with the guests and setting them up on bikes if I was busy with other riders.

We always had a conversation about our weeks and Mike was always a huge support of everyone at the studio. I stayed with Cadence due to the lack of drama, the community that Mike built and because Mike is a person with integrity and a positive demeanour. I learned a lot from Mike as a person and a spin instructor and valued the time we spent together in the studio!

I would absolutely recommend Mike as a coach and mentor as he has a certain “positive edge” that is apparent ”

Layla Vera
Former Instructor -Cadence Cycling Studio

“I met Mike when I started working the front desk at Cadence Cycling Studio in Vancouver, which is a time a look back on fondly. Mike created a community within those four walls that brought me out of my shell and contributed to my own personal growth. His love for spin and his personal drive to push his own limits inspired me to jump on the leader bike myself – something I never thought I’d do! His energy, his desire to help others and genuine support for those around him are what make him special! Newfoundland is lucky to have him! ”